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Kids, Youth, and Teen Programs

Winter Count offers programs for younger participants that provide hands-on opportunities for learning. Participants move from class to class throughout the day, meeting—and learning from—many different instructors who make time in their schedules to share history, stories, camp etiquette, and skills like fire making, knife handling, basketry, pottery, medicine making, and survival skills, to name a few.

Whether your kids are taking part in one of the programs or not, they need to be monitoredcheck in with your kids regularly.


If your children are with you when you attend an adult class or when you join an instructor in their personal camp or teaching area for informal discussions or outside-of-class learning opportunities, make sure your children have enough adult supervision so that instructors aren’t overtaxed—especially if you have several children. Some instructors invite adults to participate in adult classes with their smaller children. Please check with instructors before signing up for adult classes if you have younger family members.

NOTE: Because of past concerns about safety and damage, the weapons range will be open only when a staff supervisor is present. Times will be posted.

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