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Teachers and artisans in primitive technology are invited to attend this conference to share ideas and methods as well as spread the arts through hands-on workshops. You can expect skills instruction from some of the nation’s top primitive technologists and artisans.


Forty to sixty classes are held from 9 am to 5 pm daily. Lecture / discussion sessions are information-oriented, each covering a broad subject. Demonstrations are how-to presentations with some practical instruction. Hands-on classes provide you with the instruction needed to actually complete a project or practice a new skill.

Signing up for classes happens in the circle of instructors (after the instructors introduce themselves) or during the week. And for many of the classes, you can simply show up without needing to sign up. It is somewhat freeform, and depends on the instructor, the type of class, and how the wind might be blowing that day...


Yes, yes, we know, signing up for well-sought-after classes can be tricky and frustrating, and you may not get into a class that you wanted. Over the years we have tried every possible way to make this work equitably, and this is where we have settled after much experimentation.

Some workshops may have a materials fee that will be collected by the instructor. If a class has a size limit, it will be specified by the instructor and a sign-up sheet will be available. Class schedules are posted on kiosks around Main Camp and include dates, times, class size limits, materials fees, etc. During Morning Announcements, which take place each morning at 8:45 am, instructors will alert you to any class changes, including openings in classes that were previously full.

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